Quality control & Quality assurance
Each step of production process is carried out in strict accordance with ISO standards. We also maintain cooperation with foreign companies in ensuring each product is manufactured to a high degree of quality and customers satisfaction. We pay meticulous attention to each detail from raw material to delivery. It is throughout our constantly effort that our customers get the consistently high level quality products they have to look for. We always make efforts to cut the cost at the same time improve the technological content of products in order to enhance the market competitiveness of the products. In the related diversification development, Joylong increases investment and enhance development of key products and key projects to continually make breakthroughs in technology and product function, so as to rank at the advanced level in the market.
Solid,Reliable Packaging &Safe,Timely Delivery
Our staff of experts will assemble and package your product, ensuring every order is fulfilled and handled with consistency, quality, and savings. Here at Joylong, we always guarantee our customers receive their order just in time!
China manufacturing price
After ten years of market development, Joylong continue to carry out capital operation, market financing and merger, the enterprise scale is continually expanding, and the company embarked on the path of rapid development with continually expanding industrial scale.Joylong, as an advanced Chinese company, it has a sound industrial system , many products have equipped with a complete set of related auxiliary industries. Upstream and downstream related enterprises are in vicinity, which makes the supply of raw materials be focused, thus the operational costs of the entire system greatly be reduced. Because of the thrive of chemical machinery market, the reimbursement status of the Company has also been greatly improved. Investment in fixed assets is not only used to update equipment and technology, but also perfectly controlled the cost of the product. At same time, Joylong’s products occupy a certain advantage on their prices. We guarantee that we will offer reasonable prices to our customers with excellent service.
Concept of Global services
We have professional foreign traders to satisify each foreign merahant’s needs as much as we can. Joylong can provide the necessary technical advice and technical exchange to her customer , to establish a " sustainable " , " consultant partner style" ," growing up together” "Friends -style" and" contract compliance " partnership to her customers.