Pre-sale support

JOYLONG's technical support team is work through professional consultation, exquisite technical support and rigorous work attitude, to provide you with the comprehensive feasible high quality and standard solution in order to constantly meet your needs, and finally achieve satisfactory results.

As a good adviser and assistant of clients, we can enable them to get rich and generous returns on their investments:

1. Select equipment model.

2. Design and manufacture products according to clients' special requirement.

3. Train technical personnel for clients.

Services during the sale

In the process of the clients buying the products, we will through a series of rigorous service style to provide clients the satisfactory and considerate service.

If you are an export client, we will support you the thoughtful documentary service from the date of signing the contract until the equipment installation and modulation finished.

JOYLONG through the own established system that have efficient mechanism, worldwide service and excellent supply network, ensure the spare parts and materials' demand and consumption of the clients in production activities.

We respect clients and always devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.

1. Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery.

2. Help clients to draft solving plans.

After-sale Service
We will contact our customers at the first time, get the detailed customer requirements, material component, pre-order the operation site, etc, help our customers analyze problems and solve them.
1. After your acceptance on our milk and beverage production equipment, we will offer one-year free maintenance service. During this period of time, we will handle machine failures and damages, excluding malfunction caused by misuse.
2. If warranty time is out, charged service is also available covering spare parts supply and maintenance services.
3. To any problems, we promise to response within 48 hours and offer troubleshooting with 72 hours.
Parts Services
JOYLONG wear-resistant parts are well known for good toughness, super wear resistant and longer service-life. We can offer high-strength spare parts, such as wire and cable, electrical control, pipe valves, the trough of the door frame, transmission device, operating platform, refrigeration systems, compressed air systems and steam system and etc.
Technological support
JOYLONG has been striding in decisive efforts to optimize your beverage processing solutions by offering complete dairy and drinks production lines as well as stand-alone equipment. Our food machinery has been designed and tested to the highest levels of quality and sanitation, thus offering the best performance.
Your Benefits:
1. You will have the shortest commissioning time before our milk and beverage production line is ready to rock.
2. You will receive systematic training for smooth machine operation. Our fully automatic milk and beverage processing line as well as filling line also deliver outstanding efficiency.
3. You will enjoy in-time repair service and scheduled maintenance.