Tomato Processing Line

Tomato Processing Line

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Description of the tomato processing line

Tomatoes are usually processed for paste and the processing line mainly includes five parts: fresh tomato receiving, pre-washing and sorting section; extracting section; concentrating section; pasteurizing or sterilizing section; aseptic filling section. It is mainly composed of discharge system, hydraulic convey system, bucket elevating, washing and sorting system, crushing system, pre-heating system, pulping and refining system, evaporating& concentrating system, sterilizing system, aseptic filling system. Tomato paste in aseptic drum can be further processed to ketchup, sauces, juices in tin can/bottle/pouch, etc.

•* On-site start-up and related personnel training.

•* The finished product is of good quality and has a beautiful color.

•* High productivity, flexible production, can be customized according to customer needs.

•* Complete monitoring system with control room to monitor each processing stage.

•* Daily production can be clearly seen.

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