Glass Bottle Filling Machine(PLC)

Glass Bottle Filling Machine(PLC)

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The series of filling machine for carbon dioxide-free wine, beverages, spices and other liquid quantitative filling glass bottles.

1, high-precision: calibration capacity of 500 ml, the average error of ± 1.5 ml.

3, high-capacity: filling volume can be 150-750 ml between any stepless adjustment.

4, a wide range: to replace the bottle can be adapted to a variety of bottle-type, convenient and quick.

5, no broken bottles: a flexible bottle care device, not bottle height, short limit, the bottle is not in place, not broken bottle, does not damage the machine.

6, automatic protection: out of the bottle at the trackwheel with overload clutch protection device, an automatic shutdown alarm anomalies.

7, self-control level: level control Float level control valve device used to control the liquid level stability.

8, electric adjustment: manual or electric synchronous continuous stepless adjustment quantitative, liquid crystal digital display accurate display.

9, the soft-start: boot, the machine from low-speed rise to the set speed, no rigid impact, it will not break bottle injury machine.

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